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Gem Beauty

Gem Beauty is your “on-the-go” urban chic beauty retreat established in 2016. Our friendly therapists provide a welcoming atmosphere to put any first-timer at ease. We are extremely passionate about our trade and take extra care in delivering the best service to all of our clients all the time.

We specialise in Facials, Nails, pedicures, waxing and so much more.

Today Gem Beauty has two branches privately owned and is situated in IPIC Aurora Durbanville Cape Town & IPIC Soneike Kuilsrivier Cape Town.

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Meet our staff

Tish Nail Technician
Aurora Branch

Meet Tish, our beautiful, super bubbly and very chatty Nail Technician positioned at our Aurora Branch. Tish has more than 5 years’ experience in doing nails and she absolutely love doing intricate nail art designs. Her energetic behaviour goes hand in hand with her interest in the fitness and modelling world and we love all the enthusiasm and kindness that she brings to the team. We look forward to helping her refine her craft and we’ve already noticed how she has levelled up her skills since joining the Gem Beauty team! Ask for her today and be blown away by her skills.

Stacey-Lee Beauty Therapist Aurora Branch

Meet Stacey, the sweetest and kindest little Gem positioned at our Aurora Branch. Her striking beauty and friendly disposition make everyone who meet her fall in love with her. Stacy is a beauty therapist and love doing facials, lashes, waxing and she is very good at doing nails too including Biosculpture. Her dream is to work on a cruise liner and we will do everything in our power to train her up so that she will automatically walk into that position!

Tarrin Nail Technician
Soneike Branch

When Tarrin first joined the Gem Beauty family, she came on as a Receptionist at our Soneike branch, but being surrounded by all the nail technicians made her realize her first love, which is doing nails. Tarrin received her nail certification in 2008 and she has a big passion for the industry. She is extremely friendly, very personable and only wants the very best for her clients. Her beautiful face and friendly smile are warm and welcoming to all of our clients and we look forward to upskilling her and watching her develop further into the Gem that she is.

Megan Beauty Therapist
Aurora Branch

Beauty Therapist at our Aurora Branch. Megan has more than 10yrs experience in beauty therapy and gained invaluable expertise whilst working on cruise ships. She is extremely talented in her field and loves absolutely everything about her industry. Her chatty and friendly nature makes all of her clients very comfortable and she is always ready to serve and teach her clients on what they should or should not be doing in the beauty routines.

Monique Front Desk
Aurora Branch

Front Desk Co-ordinator and Manager of Aurora Branch- Monique has been a receptionist in the beauty industry for nearly ten years and is extremely well versed in all the services and operations of a salon. Her warm and friendly smile will be your first point of call in our Aurora branch and she is always happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have regarding your bookings or therapists.

Kelly Nail Technician
Aurora Branch

Meet Kelly, our quiet and gentle soul positioned at our Aurora Branch. She has more than 5 years’ experience in doing most nail systems and she is extremely detailed orientated when doing nails. Her attention to detail makes every set that she puts out, “Insta” worthy and we look forward to helping her get to the next level of her trade. Her hardworking attitude makes her a valuable team member and we look forward to having her around for many years to come.

Cathy Massage & Nail Tech Aurora Branch

Meet Cathy our kind and sweet therapist located at our Aurora Branch. Cathy specializes in massages and she also does basic manicures, pedicures, Gelish and rubber base. Her favourite treatment to do is massages and if you ever had a massage treatment by her you would totally understand why! We look forward to having Cathy on our team for many years to come and watching her grow both in her personal and professional life as equip her with the skills to do so.

Sanja Beauty Therapist
Soneike Branch

Sanja has been in the beauty industry for more than 15 yrs. She is an outstanding beauty therapist, with microblading brows & Facials being her absolute favorite treatments. She is always ready to be of service to her clients with her welcoming smile and is ready to transform your life with the best set of brows you’ve ever had.

Zinzi Nail Technician
Aurora Branch

Meet our very first product of Gem Beauty, Zinzi. Positioned at our Aurora Branch, she is extremely sweet, hardworking and her willingness to learn inspires us all at Gem Beauty. We value her drive to do better and become better and we know that she will definitely be a shining Gem when we complete all of the nail systems with her.

Yummy Nail Technician
Soneike Branch

Meet Yummy, our baby Gem positioned at our Soneike branch. Her beautiful smile is welcoming to all and her enthusiasm to learn and grow are traits that make her very special to us. She is qualified in doing Gelish, rubber base, mani’s and pedi’s and we continue to invest in her growth to increase her skills portfolio. Ask for her today at our Soneike branch!

Denise Front Desk
Soneike Branch

Meet Denise aka Dennis! Denise is our front desk coordinator at our Soneike branch. Her warm and friendly nature and her ability to maintain calm in a sometimes-overwhelming situations, makes her the ideal candidate for this very challenging position. Obtaining international experience in Abu -Dhabi, Denise brings a very professional touch to the Soneike reception area. She is always willing to assist you in scheduling your appointments or if you have any questions, queries or complaints. We look forward to helping her grow into a formidable force in our company and we believe that the best is yet to come for this lovely lady!

Asie Nail Technician
soneike Branch

Meet Asie. A qualified beauty therapist and specializes in all beauty treatments for more than five years and stationed at our Soneike Branch. Her friendly personality makes all of her clients feel very relaxed especially with intimate waxing and she is very professional when it comes to delivering her services. Asie loves doing nails as well and every set that she delivers definitely receives the GEM SEAL of approval. We love having Asie on our Soneike Team and look forward to helping her grow into the therapist that we know that she can be!

Shan Nail Technician
soneike Branch

Shan is a qualified nail technician located at our Soneike Branch. She has more than 4 years’ experience in her trade and specializes in Gelish, Rubber base, Biosculputure and regular mani’s and pedi’s. Her beautiful smile, soft and kind nature coupled with her willingness to please and serve, makes Shan a valuable member of our team and we look forward to equipping her with additional skills to assist her in her professional growth!